so the last thing i need right now is another new craft to try to master, right? um, wrong, apparently.

craftzine just directed me to this stamp carving tutorial, which immediately pricked my interest. i designed a few screen printed fabrics at school, quite successfully, i think. i wasn't bad at drawing, my painting sucked, but printing seemed to suit my strengths - i'm good at putting colours together, and detail-oriented enough to cut multiple intricate paper stencils (back in those technologically-challenged times).

when i first heard about gocco i was all set to go in that direction, but the news of its demise came out just before i invested and i'm glad too since paper really isn't my medium. but printing onto fabric is something i really would like to explore and it would address some of the issues i have with fabric cost and originality. more than once in my recent craft binge i've considered getting hold of an old screen but storage issues have rather put me off. but rubber/lino stamps take comparatively little space to store...

okay so this isn't in my immediate queue - no need for another category just yet :) - but i want to keep it in mind for future reference, along with any related links i'll drop here:

fabric stamping instructions