when my friend saw madam's scarf she said "oh you finished something!" in a rather surprised tone. i feel i must protest. she has been witness to wip on an interminable crochet blanket that has rather stalled because the cotton yarn is completely unforgiving when it comes to wandering tension. some of the squares are so out of whack they will have to be frogged and reworked which has rather put me off . also, it's a summer blanket so i appear to have already missed the boat for this year.

but progress is indeed proceeding apace on my 2 current xmas projects. the fair isle stocking is positively romping along. i'm loving it, it makes me feel so clever - five needles and two yarns, all at once! and it's really pretty :D i'm hoping some of the puckering will block out, although there is some major bunching that i may consider cutting and knotting if it looks feasable. although i am fully aware of how much a 3 year old is likely to notice when it's stuffed full of presents :)

i'm also working on an amigurumi doll, inspired by ElisabethD's work, which is a lot of fun. she has legs and a body and half a head so far. oh and one shoe.