i'm going to justify this post as a continuation of [this one](/misc/spinning/2005/12/15/heresy/). I GOT ARCTIC MONKEYS TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!! (and i don't use the capitals lightly)

these things are like rocking horse shit - i tried to get some when they went on hush-hush-fans-only-sale (read: probably every one of the 100,000 people who bought the album on the first day got that email) and failed dismally. i reckoned my chances tonight were about 1 in a thousand.

most of the tickets from the pre-sale now appear to be on ebay, with asking prices up to and beyond £100 each. i'm now the proud almost-owner of 2 spare tickets, form an orderly queue who wants to be my friend :D they're lined up for ceri and his partner, but haven't actually asked if they want some since they're in germany. my ebay finger is itching mightily.

must... resist...