yesterday i went to the creative stitches show and had a ball. i went mostly to meet up with jane from the guild of weavers, spinners and dyers, who was lovely. they're having a learn to spin day in january which i'll definitely go along to, and then i'm going to start having (wheel) lessons with jane. i am so excited :D i had a chance to show her some of my yarns and she said they were pretty good. it's so reassuring to have someone who knows see your stuff in real life.

there was some really beautiful stuff on display. i was very taken by the miniquilts from the quilters guild (?) some were exquisitely detailed. i had a very hard time choosing a favourite to vote for, but in the end i went for the one that caught my eye first, rows of houses with embroidered flowers. it looked like it had all been done by hand and i loved the whole vibe of it as well as the colours and fabrics.

the fibre art wales exhibition dealing with memory, heritage and tradition was great (a shame all their websites have disappeared) i was particularly taken by alison mercer's little bread effigies, appliqued with faded black and white phrotographs.

but the real winner for me was felt inspired, a collection of work from contemporary felt artists. wonderful, tactile, organic forms, it took sooo much willpower not to stroke them all. while the depth and range of bright colours was overwhelming i was really drawn to the natural colours, expecially where locks were loosely felted into the surfaces, breathtaking. i wish i'd written down all of the artists now, since it appears that as a group they have no web presence. i was most taken by annie sherburne's felt cobbles, such simple things but witty and incredibly appealing.

as part of felt inspired they also had on display blankets made in primary school workshops. that was what finally convinced me that even rank amateurs can produce fantastic objects. watch out for felt making more appearances here in future... (oh, how i laughed at the prospect of heading down the fibre arts slippery slope. i guess there's no saving me now :D)