not at all, doesn’t make me think for a moment about a trip to a&e :)

it’s a so called scarf, which has been lurking at the back of my mind ever since i first came across it. it turned out to be a fab watching the telly knit, nicely methodical but never quite boring. the yarn is around 8-9wpi, with a fair bit of variation, which happily worked well on the chunky 8mm inherited wooden needles that i’ve been itching to have a go with for ages.

the stitch pattern works really well at obscuring the variegatity of the yarn. i didn’t quite manage the very short stretches of colour i was aiming for, as you can see on the mitts (stocking stitch, smaller needles) it’s giving around 3-4 stitches per stretch of the darker and lighter colours, set on a broader mid-pink background. i’m over the moon with the colours, lots of pinky variations, shot through with occasional flashes of the most fantastic intense blood red where the dye was most concentrated.

madam's mitts

as soon as i realised there was plenty for a scarf i decided to have a go at making a cut-down version of the mitts she covets. i wound the ball back onto the skeiner and knit the mitts from the other end. they weren’t quite as fiddly as you might expect. i worked them on 5mm dpns because that’s what i have :) and the gauge seems good. my tension increased significantly on the second mitt (something to do with watching pirates of the caribbean?) and it’s noticeably tighter/smaller than the first, but not a show stopper. i worked the pattern at around 70% size, rounding here and there, in madam’s absence with only a rather stretched out old glove of hers for reference. happy to report they’re a perfect fit :D