just finished mini swatch for the winter dreams sock i’ll be making in aran bfl as a christmas stocking for madam. it’s very rough and ready with a heap of lost stitches at the beginning and a few mistakes in the patterns, but i’m really pleased with it. it didn’t take long to get into the two-handed fair isle technique. i think because i’m still very much a beginner it’s not much trickier for me to pick up a new technique since i’m still mostly fingers and thumbs anyway.

i coincidentally cast on 24 stitches, 1/3 of the total 72 for the sock. the swatch came out at 2 inches across, so should end up with a sock around 6 inches across the top and 18 inches high, a respectable size for a stocking i think.

madam was asking what it was and who it was for. i told her about swatches, but insisted it wasn’t for anyone. i was wrong - as she pointed out - it’s a hat for bender of course. perfect fit, with a hole on top for his thingy :)

(oh and i know it’s not real fair isle but it’s reasonable shorthand - stranded colour work would have meant naff all to me a couple of weeks ago)