we have a much-played-with but sadly rather tatty dolls’ house. admittedly i never expected it to be treasured and well cared for, seeing as she was only 2 when she got it. all the soft furnishings that came with it have been shredded and it’s been repeatedly defaced too

(i say rather her dolls’ house than my walls and furniture).

i thought that now she’s older, perhaps a little tlc wouldn’t be wasted. when i can work out the best way to paint it i’ll do that, but once the idea had formed i couldn’t wait to conform to proper decorating sequence - i had to paper the walls.

the scale isn’t right, but all the specifically designated dollshouse wallpaper i could find was a) stupidly expensive and b) dull dull dull, so i used scrapbooking papers from twopeasinabucket. i chose the designs and M decided where each one should go. of course that was entirely different to what i’d had in mind when choosing. i would have put the spots in the living room, the yellow flowers in the kitchen, the atomic in the kids’ (attic) room, the crosses in the adults’ room and the starburst flowers in the bathroom.

now i find myself at once drawn and repelled by the notion of adult women doing out dolls’ houses. i can really see the attraction of having total control over a house space. of being able to decorate and furnish it at will - without real world price restrictions - and have everything remain where you put it when you close the door. i can also understand to an extent the joy of miniature (i was stupidly taken with the mini-mac - thread). i think i’m uneasy at the implications of arrested development and - much more significantly - the utterly depressing aesthetic that appears to prevail in the 1:12 scale world. now i have to add that i’ve not looked deeply into this, but what i’ve seen in my intermittent browsing of those ebay categories has scared me off pretty effectively.

now if there were more furnishings available along these lines i could easily become hooked:

1:12 batchelor pad

see more amazing pics and read the shopping sherpa’s spot-on discussion here.

but this dolls’ house is most definitely M’s not mine. which thankfully relieves me of the pressure of having to get the whole thing right, and allows me to just have fun with it. which is a damn good job because the papering was about as tricky as real world papering. i used watered down pva and got bubbles and creases galore. mostly they don’t show too badly, but i see them and it grates (heh, i notice i picked the creasiest corner for the closeup :roll:). gradually i’d like to add more furnishings, carpets, curtains, etc, but i’m happy with this as a start.