here - at last! - is the dress pattern. worked in the same weight yarn as the doll body, but on a larger hook (i used 3.5mm with dk weight yarn). it's worked throughout in rows, so assume "sl st into first stitch of round, ch1, turn" at the end of each round. it's worked from the top down, and is flat to begin with to form the back opening. all sc unless otherwise noted.

row stitches yarn note
ch 31, turn turquoise
1-3 30
4-6 36
7-9 42
10-11 48
12 48 at end of round sl st into 1st st of round (this joins the dress into a circle), ch1, turn.
13-16 54
17-20 60
21 ch4, (miss next st, dc, ch1) around, sl st into 3rd ch (60)
22 sc into 1st st, (sc into ch1 sp, sc in top of next dc) around (60)
23 miss 1st st, (3sc into next st, sl st into next st) around. finish off.
20a work sc into right hand leg of each st in round 20 (60) fig. 1 white turn dress inside out, work white trim into back of existing stitches
21a-22a 60
23a 60 do not turn at the end of this round, the next round should be worked from the rs
24 miss 1st st (3sc into next st, sl st into next st) around. finish off.

fig 1: work sc into back legs of stitches (click for larger view)

the main part of the dress is now complete. work straps 4 stitches in from the top corners of the back opening. work each strap 2 stitches wide for 13 rows, row 14: ch 4, sl st into next st. finish off.

rsc in contrast colour all around top edge of dress, straps and back opening. work ch4 buttonholes in edging where required, evenly spaced along back opening. sew on buttons.