i've been really throwing myself into getting a grip on my portfolio this week. i've realised i have a lot to do. it's going to be loads of fun doing it.

i'm keeping a sketchbook with a drawing a day, this is my favourite this week. i'm also working on a couple of conceptual/experimental pieces. i've not really done this before and the wide open spaces are alternately intimidating and invigorating. it was a good excuse  to dig out my polaroid and check whether the film is still usable, which - in certain conditions - it is :D

i really like the sketchbook thing. producing new stuff is good, and if it's only sketchbook work that frees it to not matter if it's not very good. and it makes a change to do something that's complete in a few minutes, in contrast to most things i make that take weeks. and it's nice to piece those little things organically together into something bigger (hopefully!)
and then i have a little light reading ...