sheesh, strike tuesday, it took me this long to get the pics uploaded. sketch wednesday has a lovely ring don't you think? ;)

we went camping by the beach on the weekend (and had a really lovely time) and i wasn't organised enough to make an auto post for sunday. so by way of apology here's 1 1/2 sketches.

the first is M, although it's only a few lines it's not a bad likeness and i consider it finished. it's part of a page of fragments of the girls watching a film, the only time they sit even slightly still enough to sketch and G not even then - the page is full of barely outlined fractions of toddler; an arm here, an ear there...

the second illustrates the problem of trying to find time to draw in the holidays. i briefly had the place to myself with M at a friend's and G asleep so i thought i'd have a go at a pen drawing. i spent too long trying to make sure everything was in the right place, and before i could get to properly inking in the lines she woke up. this is about 20 minutes' worth, another 20 and it might have been worth something, it was shaping up quite nicely i thought.