doll pattern now available here and in a permanent link from the sidebar (disclaimer: proofread, but not tested!).

i made more of an effort to document my process this time, although i wonder whether the amount of detail is more confusing than enlightening. i wouldn’t advise looking too closely at the pictures as an aid to interpreting the pattern or you may notice a few discrepancies. e.g. where the legs don’t match because my gauge changed so dramatically that matching them row for row would have left one significantly longer than the other. or when i say i worked in spirals for the solid parts, when actually i did in some places and not in others and you can see the difference between the row-worked and spiral-worked parts easily :oops:

i would have included detail shots of her shoes but we’ve managed to lose one on the other side of the country already :cry: hence the number of shots of her in her undies (that and the fact i don’t have a pattern for the dress anyway).

oh and she has been rechristened, permanently this time i think, as boo.