buffet scarf
inspired lace scarf

just cos i'm really digging the lace thing, and hoping to spin some fine yarns (overambitious? moi? :lol:). looking for smallish, guage-independent patterns to show off anything i do manage to produce.

not lace but cables these look lovely, just a shame there aren't any real closeups. $6.50 for all 4 patterns isn't going to break the bank, but i'm a little sore after shelling out for a very basic shrug pattern. these look way complicated though :D

bows and arrows stole a bit holey but i like the way it sits and could be scaled down with a finer yarn.

i can't seem to find exactly what i'm after in crochet, just in knit, maybe it's just the nature of the difference between them. i want something very thin and lightweight but without massive holes that let the wind in. will keep looking.