i just couldn’t resist the ripple blanket craze that’s sweeping the planet (well, here and here). but having neither the patience nor the mighty stash with which to accomplish such a feat i’ll settle for a doll-sized one.

it’s around 4” x 5”, 4-ply cashmere, 2.5mm hook. i was surprised to be unable to easily find simple instructions for the ripple pattern online, but crochet workshop came up trumps. the diagram that explains the structure of the pattern is worth a thousand sets of written instructions where the overall pattern is a mystery until at least 2 rows in. i can see i’m going to love this book.

i didn’t have enough colours to go for the random stripe effect, so i thought i’d do a coloured stripe on the blue. when it turned out the colours in the wallpaper were pink, orange and green on blue i thought i may as well chuck them all in. i’m enjoying working with this yarn in different combinations, i find it interesting how different they can look.

the above pic is after washing you can see how much it’s bloomed compared to the stringy pre-washed pic

seeing as my motto for the dollshouse turns out to be the same as my overall parenting motto (“good enough”) there was no way i was weaving all those ends. after another wash the clipped ends will have felted into the knots completely.

now i must go and investigate that annoying smudge which appears to be on the bottom of my lens.