i never thought i’d join a crochet along.

i’m not a joiner by nature. opinions are divided over whether i’m a team player or not (my experience says nu-uh whilst my cv apparently still says hell-yeah). i never once pondered whether i’d enter the knitting olympics. it’s just not my style. which is why i’ve never yet made it to the stitch n bitch and why it still kinda freaks me out that people i’ve never met read my blog (though thankfully only one a fortnight :P).

until i saw this. the sleepy eyed cat. oh how i fell in love (not in a cutesy way, in a purely aesthetic, elelvated way :)). this fella is famous - all over the world there’s pics of this critter posing away. and while i can kinda crochet, i’ve never crocheted in that kinda way and there were loads of people over at glitter who were happy to talk me through it. it was bigger girls made me do it…

i’m currently in limbo awaiting various stuffage supplies. this is how far i’ve got:

there’s all kinds of things i’d do differently next time, but i’ve really enjoyed this quick project so far (i started after i finished work last night and even with much ripping i was mostly done after an hour or two this morning). oh dear, everyone who knows me, prepare for the invasion of uber-cute shite :D

aside: ElisabethD does absolutely the best selection of amigurumi out there imnsho. check out her sold stuff at etsy.