wonky sqaures

posted it teeny cos you don't want to look any closer than you have to. graphic closeups for the strong of stomach in the gallery :(

i didnt enjoy doing these at all. i do like the diagonal box stitch and it works up really quickly but urgh i'm dreadful at edging. to be fair it was the first time i'd ever done squares (they're supposed to be rectangular - they're not that wonky :p), but i can't make head or tail of where to put the scs in when you run down the side of the rows. add to that my tension being too tight so it was a bastard trying to get each stitch in.

the biggest nightmare was the stripey one, i had to frog half of it cos i'd put in an extra stitch somewhere and it really showed. and why why why did i change colour every row instead of every other? meant i couldn't just carry the thread as i've done with every other colour change i've ever done so i had to weave in a million ends that made it even more lumpy and mishapen than it was to start with.

and i've been spoiled rotten by working with nice, interesting yarn. i had no money or time to use anything other than leftovers so i had my pick of nasty acrylic. urgh. urgh. urgh.

i'm hoping they will actually be of use (glitter afghan) though i'm pretty ashamed of them, unfortunately not ashamed enough to start all over again.

update: yay! they'll do. shannon was really sweet about them too, said she liked them. chuffed :)