tsk i was going to be sooo good and wait until i'd finished at least one of my 3 current WIPs (not to mention WNYIP that i need to get finished in the next week or so).

but nooooo the caribea lure was too strong. so i did just a teensy bit of the shawl to start out, to see whether it's worth pursuing...

seraphina 6

the yarn is gorgeous and really easy to work, it's quite springy but not scratchy so i think it should work okay, should be very warm for the weight. obviously it would be ideal to have a super soft drapey yarn, but budget meant i couldn't have my pick of the merinos and i can't think of a better use to put this one to. it's a good design for the weight i think and it shows off the colours beautifully (which are sooo much lovelier irl than in pics).

it took me a while to get the hang of the pattern and i unnecessarily confused myself more than once by reading the instructions for the wrong row. i've looked really hard at the pics and i'm pretty sure i am following the pattern correctly but it isn't doing the batwing thing at the top. my hunch is it's because the yarn's so sproingy. not sure whether i should live with it or try to amend the pattern accordingly. have put in plea for help at crochetville so fingers crossed.