browsing flickr for quiltspiration i found Hip To Piece Squares. sadly not much recent blog activity but she's posting new stuff on flickr.

i've just been shopping again, this time for fabrics for a single quilt for madam (lowering my sights somewhat and postponing the planned queen sized until i've had a bit more of practice). i'm suffering from fabric dazzle. i.e. picking fabrics that i adore without much thought to how they will work in a quilt. never having made one i'd say that's probably understandable, just hope it won't take too many expensive mistakes before i start to get the hang of it.

as it is i have a bunch of generally large-scale prints that coordinate beautifully, but i'm left seeking a bold pattern with fairly large areas of a single fabric to make the most of them. i'm particularly drawn to bold geometric designs on white as here and here. i don't think either specific design would work for my fabrics, but it's definitely a style i aim to work towards.