i've been unsure about the photography content here for a long time. i think almost all my regular visitors are here for the crafting, and while there has been precious little of that of late i know its time will come again. i wanted to keep the blog active over the hiatus of having a new baby and minimal crafting time and i figured the pictures would do that. but i'm not comfortable with the way they've elbowed the craft content out of the way so thoroughly.

so they now have a home of their own: click. do go over and have a look, and let me know what you think, i'd really appreciate some feedback on splitting the content and how you find the new site. the lack of response to my 365 posts is one of the things that's convinced me that the photography doesn't belong here.

edit: one thing i'd like feedback on is whether it's clear enough that there's all the usual chat to go with the pics, it's just cunningly hidden in the "words" link on every photo page. my photos definitely don't speak for themselves, i often need to explain myself, especially with my dodgy cameraphone "scans" of late.

on a side issue i searched and searched for a wordpress photoblogging theme that i liked and just couldn't find one. so for click i've jumped ship to pixelpost. the backend is laughably primitive, but the frontend does what i want so it will do for the moment (the designer of my oh-so-slick template which tempted me to make the jump is working on something for wordpress so when that's out it's possible i may revert back as i do miss how damned civilised wordpress is behind the scenes). at some point i hope to move all my existing photography posts over to click to clear some space around here, but not sure when i'll get the time