Woven Thoughts

oh lordy. i do not not not want to weave! but i just can't resist sara lamb's work. can i sub for the spinning and dyeing if i promise to just peek through my fingers at the weaving content? it's well worth trawling through the archives here when i have a free moment.

i found woven throughts through a search for korsnäs sweaters triggered by the entry on the book "decorative crocheting" on blogdogblog (it looked like this was an ex-blog but there's a single recent post so maybe it's back in service). which in turn i found from a tapestry crochet search (there's surprisingly little info out there, i seem to have found the main sources already).

i'm seriously considering ordering both the book and a fantabulous mitten kit from nordic fiber arts, if they'll ship to me here. if i start the mittens now i might even have them finished by next winter.

the interweb has a lot to answer for...