lack of recent blog activity recently doesn't entirely reflect lack of sewing activity. my fulling frenzy has been ongoing but a decent size blanket will take many more jumpers than i expected. i have 6 jumpers fulled and cut, but i'm only about 2/3 of the way there. it's the ones that just don't felt that have slowed me down, i've had 4 failures so far, but i'm narrowing down the criteria for successful fulling: up to 20% nylon isn't a problem, as long as the care label says to hand wash. hand wash gently in cold inside out is what i really like to see.

all isn't lost for the non-felters though, i'm going to turn them into bags, as then they don't need the tight structure to support a butted seam. the bag class is going great, i'm full of ideas and i actually got to do some sewing over the weekend (after being ambushed all week by things that had to be done first). the first one is done save the lining, it's pretty wonky but should come in handy for keeping reels of thread in (i'll add velcro closures). the second one has some obvious faults but i'm still delighted with it, it's very very cute. will post pix and blow-by-blows hopefully tonight.