iron and ruler (last picture in my 365 project)

it had been on the wane for a while now, but i've decided to officially call it a day with the 365. i'm sorry i didn't get to finish it - i don't even know how far i got, perhaps 175?, i lost count a way back and never caught back up. the gaps were becoming more frequent and holidays have always been the time i find it hardest to keep up, so the start of the summer holidays seems like a good natural finishing point.

i started the project in the hope that it would keep me awake creatively, without demanding too much in the way of time, space or effort while i was concentrating on the new baby thing. and it worked a treat, although of course i managed to find plenty of ways of getting out of my depth and my camera collection has grown exponentially. it really got me much more comfortable with my dslr and photoshop, as well as reviving my interest in film and film processing. it helped me see in different ways, and really pushed me out of my comfort zone, particularly photographing strangers.

but my passion for the project melted away almost overnight as soon our little room took shape and i could sew again. i'm doing something textile-related every day now, so the need to keep something creative going with a camera has evaporated. i could try to push on with it, but i don't want it to turn into a chore, and i don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone, least of all myself.

i'm so glad i started the project, and took it as far as i did. looking back i'm rather astonished that i took some of those pictures. so 204 pictures (that's the current count on flickr, there may be one or two knocking around here i never uploaded), 15 months (i said there were a few gaps!) and several shiny new cameras later, it's goodbye project 365.