running rings

playing pooh sticks in the freezing cold this morning.

i'm getting quite fond of my camera phone, i'm constantly astounded at how lo-fi it's possible for 3.2 megapixels to be :D there's some weird shit happening with the shutter here i think, how it has one half in focus and the other so blurry, but it nicely conveys M in constant motion, already out of the shot, with D left standing in her wake.

i got a couple of nice instaxes today, but while everyone loves a dog in a bike trailer it's not so relevant to the task in hand. i'm getting very gradually bolder at taking pictures of strangers. i think instant film helps loads with this as it's an ice breaker, you can show people your picture when it develops, it helps engage them. i know that applies to digi too, but it's not quite the same - it doesn't have the same retro charm and if someone takes a liking to a polaroid you can always give it to them, so it's not all so much about taking.