one of those days. G isn't very ill but she's unhappy and won't be put down for a moment. she has a cold plus i think her teeth must be bothering her to make her so unlike her usual cheerful self. of course i had a million things to do today so just curling up on the sofa together wasn't an option (and tbh wouldn't have cut it anyway, the only way to cheer her up is company, she was much easier to distract once M and friend came back from school).

i dug out the instax for M as fuji are reviving the brand with the new range of cheki cameras and so the film is now plentiful and cheap unlike a couple of years ago when we last used it. i'm still getting used to the minimum focusing distance as would be obvious in the print if i hadn't just snapped it on my camera phone (temporary measure until i have scanning facilities again). i took a couple of sky shots early this morning (that i couldn't shoe-horn into the topic of motherhood, no matter how i tried ;) ) and i'm still loving those fuji blues. i let the girls take 2 shots each (it aint so cheap i aint rationing it), theirs were better than mine :D