(sorry couldn't resist :D )

motherhood drives you outside. by nature i'm a homebody, a net surfer, a crocheter, not so much a fresh air brisk walker. but even i find that when the opportunity presents itself (i.e. it's not pissing with rain, a rare enough event here) it's good to get out. with a baby it gets them to sleep, gets you away from the mountain of housework that's threatening to collapse with you at the bottom of it. with a toddler it stops them trashing the place and burns off all that energy. i find the enforced leg stretching and daylight good for my head too.

i'm pleasantly surprised at these pics from my new camera phone a k810i on an irresistable deal. i upgraded in the belief that the cybershot branded phone would have a better camera than my existing phone. indoors with the flash off (what i do, in case you hadn't spotted) it's absolutely dreadful, due to ridiculous choices the software makes about shutter speed/iso that can't be adjusted. however, it's mostly supposed to be my out and about camera so it's there that the performance is critical and these are fine, they look much better off the phone than they did at the time. i'm also quite pleased that my instinct for composition is developing. these were rattled off with very little thought as we were out with friends, but the compositions are all pretty pleasing (to me at least and that's what matters).