i'm definitely going to try to pick up my 365 project, taking a picture every day. the discipline was really useful and it moved my photography forward even in the short time i managed it before G was born (i think i got to day 35). it's very likely that i won't post every day, but i'll try to take the picture at least. which reminds me, i must post up the missing pics i took but never blogged.

and i'm going to up the ante. producing pictures that i find aesthetically pleasing is one thing, but actually trying to convey something, to tell a story, is something else entirely. it's something i've never tried and there's every chance i'll be rubbish at it :D but there's only one way to find out. so over the next month (from next thursday, G's half birthday) i'm going to have a go at describing what motherhood means to me in pictures.