i got to pick the project 365 challenge of the week this week. i was going to choose "lucky" because i've been struck by a few serendipidous images lately, but then i realised the main point of the challenge is to give some ideas/structure for taking new pics for that week, rather than just digging them out of the archives, and lucky is a hard thing to shoot deliberately. so i went for "after dark" instead.

i might try to take all my pics after dark this week, if only because then it frees my daylight hours from the pressure to get the day's shot. not that i'm finding it a huge pressure, but i am spending more time on it than i'd like and when the weather's as foul as it's been here lately it can be a bit grim to get to 5pm without a picture and realise the light is already pretty much gone for the day. this way i don't have to start even thinking about it until 9pm.