took my film cameras for a trip to the park today. took a whole pack of polas that i'm not head over heels in love with - although i've found that those i'm not so happy with at the time can grow on me later. i'm actually finding that under the conditions i have to shoot in i prefer the more vivid colour rendition of the filtered 600 film to the low contrast and cyan/blue cast of the sx-70. i have one pack left and i'd like to find a way to use that to its best advantage - tbh i think a trip somewhere very hot and sunny might be my only chance :D

also shot some slide film to have a play with cross processing. unfortunately the battery in my light meter died and it took me a while to notice so i can guarantee there are a load of overexposed pix in the batch. i suppose you can call that an experiment... haven't finished the film yet and will need to send away for processing so i'm going to leave today blank until it comes back - it may turn out that the polas are today's highlight after all.